A lot of his research papers are retracted and there are still a few charges against him. In response to Gerdin's report, Macchiarini denied all the findings. The University Board requests an external inquiry into KI's handling of the case. (Credit: ITAR-TASS Photo Agency / Alamy Stock Photo) Keep Reading Eve Herold The Fall from Grace of a Famous Italian Surgeon. In 2019, she produced the Oxygen doc Seduced By Evil, which chronicles another con-man, Derek Alldred. People know him as the con man fooling people and risking the lives of the people through his unethical research works.He was a celebrity scientist and popular for his contributions to the medical research field. Rapporto PMI Centro-Nord 2016. In his employment as a doctor at KS, Paolo Macchiarini has performed surgery on three patients, namely Andemarian Beyene, Chris Lyles and Yesim Cetir. Macchiarini had told her that he and his wife were separated, but that the divorce hadn't yet been finalized legally. Having featured Paolo Macchiarini and his work on transplanting synthetic tracheas into humans when it was lauded (in an Aug. 2, 2011 post titled: Body parts nanostyle), it seems obligatory to provide an update now that he and his work are under a very large cloud.Some of this is not new, there were indications as early as this Dec. 27, 2013 post titled: Trachea transplants: an update which . [63], The secretary of the Nobel Committee for Physiology or Medicine, Urban Lendahl, resigned in February 2016, owing to his involvement in recruiting Macchiarini to Karolinska Institutet in 2010. The audio series covers the accusations of ethical misconduct and manipulation in Macchiarini's medical work alongside those of his personal deceit in his affair with Alexander, told through a series of interviews with the latter. He was insistent on a Catholic service, even though we were both divorcees. The board called for all six of the papers to be retracted. Read the full article if you want to know more about her. Firenze, 17 gennaio 2021 - Il chirurgo Paolo Macchiarini, assieme ai colleghi Fabio Mannini, Massimo Haus e Alessandro Gonfiotti sono definitivamente estranei alle . [19] Macchiarini was an investigator at the Institut d'Investigacions Biomdiques-Instituto de Investigaciones Biomdicas in Barcelona, Spain, from 2006 to 2009; he was affiliated with but not an employee of the University of Barcelona and was apparently an employee at the Hospital Clnic de Barcelona during this time. Paolo Macchiarini (22. elokuuta 1958 Basel, Sveitsi) on italialainen kirurgi, joka tuli tunnetuksi kehittmstn synteettisest henkitorvesta. Everything to Know About the Real Dirty John From Bravos New Drama, Chris Watts Bombed His Polygraph Test, and It Led to His Confession, Where Is Convicted Murderer Jeffrey MacDonald Now? [12][20][26], On 28 January, KI issued a statement saying that the documentary made claims of which it was unaware, and that it would consider re-opening the investigations. 4 February 2016. More details emerged: Seven of the eight patients who. A new two-hour "20/20" reports on Benita Alexander, a television producer who fell head over heels in love with world-renowned surgeon Paolo Macchiarini while producing a report on his revolutionary new surgery technique. Archivi. [12], In October 2016, the BBC broadcast a three-part Storyville documentary, Fatal Experiments: The Downfall of a Supersurgeon, directed by Bosse Lindquist and based on the earlier Swedish programmes about Macchiarini. Jenna King Net Worth. The board published its findings in October 2017, and concluded that all six were the result of scientific misconduct, in particular by failing to report the complications and deaths that occurred after the interventions; one of the articles also claimed that the procedure had been approved by an ethics committee, when this had not happened. For the sake of anonymity, the name of his wife is not disclosed on the Internet. [21][22][23] The bone marrow cells were cultured at the University of Bristol, the donor trachea was stripped at University of Padua, the stripped trachea was seeded with the cultured cells at University of Milan, and the trachea was transplanted by a team led by Macchiarini at Hospital Clinic in Barcelona.[21][24]. Then, one morning, she read in The New York Times that Macchiarini's colleagues at the Karolinska Institute had accused him of scientific misconduct and filed a complaint with the university. (a) (b) [14] This led to Macchiarini's 2011 appointment at Kuban State Medical University, funded by the university and the Russian government,[14] along with an honorary doctorate. TOP 3%. People may receive compensation for some links to products and services on this website. [14], In June 2008, Macchiarini conducted a transplant of a donated trachea colonized with the stem cells of the recipient, Claudia Castillo; the tissue was used to replace her left bronchus, which had been damaged by tuberculosis, and her left lung had collapsed. "The first thing we did was inform our boss, and then we also informed Paolo Macchiarini's bosses at the university," Corbascio said. Dr. Paolo Macchiarini was once considered a pioneer in regenerative medicine. ", Alexander, who waited in the car, said that the last time she saw Macchiarini, he had turned around and walked back up the stairs. [8][9], Urban Lendahl[sv], the secretary of the Nobel Committee for Physiology or Medicine, resigned in February 2016, owing to his involvement in recruiting Macchiarini to KI. Paolo explained that the pope, who was another patient of his, wanted to use us as the poster couple to push the church out of old traditions. Alexander didn't initially believe him, but she said Macchiarini told her that the pope wanted to push forward his progressive agenda for the church. Both have covered Macchiarini in their work. Distractify is a registered trademark. The details recounted in the article include Alexander relating Macchiarini's alleged lies about being a surgeon to the stars and current and former heads of state, and a planned wedding to Alexander to be the social event of the year (with Pope Francis officiating, Andrea Bocelli singing, Enoteca Pinchiorri catering, and numerous celebrities attending), among other reported falsified details about his C.V. and personal life. Moreover, the Italian investigator found records showing that despite planning a wedding with Alexander for so long, Macchiarini was still legally married. Soon, I learned that Paolo was still married to his wife of 29 years and living in Barcelona with a second woman and two young children. The Untold Truth About Tim Allen's Wife Jane Haj. While Macchiarini continued to deny any wrongdoing, he lost his job at the Institute and Swedish prosecutors began looking into whether his behavior was criminal. The Karolinska Institute commissioned an external investigation into the allegations. This wasnt some idle fling. The case is under appeal, and he is still licensed to practice medicine in Europe. She was born and raised in Italy and met Paolo in Italy itself, and the couple got married there. There is no permission given to him to perform research works anymore and he got termination from the projects he was involved in. [38], In 2014, Macchiarini was accused by four former colleagues and co-authors of having falsified claims in his research with KI. The Pope's spokesman said that the Pope had no "personal doctor" named Macchiarini, knew nobody of that name, and would not have officiated. "That wasn't true. Vice-Chancellor Anders Hamsten decides that Paolo Macchiarini's contract with Karolinska Institutet will not be extended after 30 November 2016. Keziah Shorten had trachea cancer. Alexander, who said she'd become close to the girl's family, was "devastated," and that Macchiarini was "depressed" about it, as they both had become attached to her. Hearings are expected to begin in 2022. Emanuela Pecchias husband, Paolo Macchiarini, is a well-known scientist and a famous Italian surgeon. [30] By end of the year the implant was failing, and while Beyene was able to complete his Ph.D in 2012, he died in January 2013 despite undergoing many treatments at KI. His sexual orientation is straight and he is not gay. It hired Bengt Gerdin, a professor at Uppsala University in Sweden, who spent six months examining some of Macchiarini's papers for evidence of research misconduct and in May 2015 determined that he was guilty, writing in his report that Macchiarini had made false claims about his patients' conditions improving, failed to report severe complications in some patients and made it seem as if some patients had been healthier for longer than they'd actually been following their surgeries. [53], In February 2016, KI published a review of Macchiarini's CV that identified discrepancies. [54] After the special aired, KI requested Sweden's national scientific review board to review six of Macchiarini's publications about the procedures. Continue reading to find out what the award-winning producer is up to since her heartbreaking romance with the surgeon. Paolo Macchiarini is a married man. - Benita Alexander on Being Duped by the . "Paolo was a really good listener," Alexander said. We sent out Save the Dates. Vladimir Putin was on the list, since Paolo was doing a medical trial in Russia funded by their government. [41][42][43] Gerdin found that Macchiarini had committed research misconduct in seven papers by not getting ethical approval for the some of his operations, and misrepresenting the result of some of those operations, as well as work he had done in animals. Award-winning documentary-maker Benita Alexander was swept off her feet by renowned Italian doctor Paolo Macchiarini in 2013 while she was working on a story about his pioneering medical work. Macchiarini stato accusato di aver operato in modo inappropriato tre persone tra il 2011 e il 2014. Macchiarini shot to prominence back in 2008, when he created a new airway for Claudia Castillo, a young woman from Barcelona. Paolo Macchiarini stato celebrato sui giornali in Italia, sul New York Times, e in tutto il mondo per aver inventato il trapianto di trachea. Everything we know about her is there in this article.I hope this article helped you to know more about her. Paolo Macchiarini , Philipp Jungebluth , Tetsuhiko Go , M Adelaide Asnaghi , Louisa E Rees , Tristan A Cogan , Amanda Dodson , Jaume Martorell , Silvia Bellini , Pier Paolo Parnigotto , Sally C Dickinson , Anthony P Hollander , Sara Mantero , Maria Teresa Conconi , Martin A Birchall Clinical transplantation of a tissue-engineered airway The Lancet (2008) doi: 10.1016/s0140-6736(08)61598-6 "We had to clear her throat basically every four to six hours, sort of 24 hours, seven days a week," said Oscar Simonson, a cardiothoracic surgeon who worked at the Karolinska Institute and its affiliated hospital at the time. His six papers on the transplant surgery were retracted. After splitting with Paolo Macchiarini, the documentary producer . [29]:8 In this case, Macchiarini collaborated with scientists at University College London to manufacture a fully synthetic trachea, with an engineered scaffold seeded with Beyene's marrow cells, instead of using a donated and stripped trachea, as it had been done before. She was wearing a blonde wig, and her nervous laughter is audible on the video they shot. She said that in November 2014, they had planned a trip to California to spend Thanksgiving with her family, "and he had been really stressed in the weeks before, and he had been talking to me for some time about how there were people that were against him, and his 'enemies.'". [4], On 29 September 2020, Mikael Bjork, director of Public Prosecution in Sweden indicted an unnamed surgeon on charges of aggravated assault. Il chirurgo Paolo Macchiariani stato condannato con la condizionale per lesioni personali a uno dei tre pazienti sui cui aveva svolto il trapianto di . The Wild Love Con Case Of Benita Alexander & Dr. Paolo Macchiarini - MHP #225 Mile Higher Podcast 517K subscribers Subscribe 10K 464K views 3 months ago TRUE CRIME Benita Alexander:. [29][66], Another report was issued in early September that examined the behavior of the institute; it was authored by a committee led by Sten Heckscher. Summary in English and Swedish", "Sweden fires board of institution handing out medicine Nobel after scandal", "Swedish Nobel judges fired in Karolinska medical scandal", "Swedes indict surgeon for stem-cell windpipe transplants", "Skandalkirurgen Macchiarini dms fr vllande till kroppsskada". When I threw it into the river, I recalled the brief phone conversation when I spoke to him for my upcoming documentary. Journalist Benita Alexander's life was turned upside down by her relationship with surgeon Paolo Macchiarini (Picture: Benita Alexander/PA) A woman who . Last month, I had the ring that Paolo gave me appraised. Paolo is 62 years old since 2020 and has worked in the medical profession for more than 10 years. I demanded an explanation from Paolo. Benita is sharing the story of how Paolo deceived her in the first episode of the ABC series, The Con. [13][26] The implant failed and was replaced, and as of 2017 Onogda was still alive. After discovering his marriage, she broke the engagement and called off the wedding. The Korean girl that had undergone Macchiarini's procedure in Illinois, whose story Alexander had been sent to cover, had died in the time following the surgery. [19] In 2013, KI terminated its clinical relationship with Macchiarini but allowed him to continue as a researcher; in February 2016, the university announced that it would not renew Macchiarini's research contract, which was due to expire in November, and terminated the contract the following month. As these events were unfolding, Maccharini allowed Lindquist to follow him for a documentary film. In Episode 202. [15][16] Also in October, Sweden's Expert Group on Scientific Misconduct found evidence of research fraud by Macchiarini and his co-authors in six papers and called for them to be retracted. [29]:9 The next year the implant collapsed and Macchiarini replaced it with a second one. [17] As of 2023, Macchiarini has had eight of his research papers retracted, and four others have received an expression of concern. JioFiber launches new Entertainment Bonanza plans, does away with installation fees, Top 50 Waheguru ji Quotes & Status in English. With the celebrations set to last four days, Alexander had her dress designer make four different gowns. My ex-husband the father of my daughter, then 9 was dying of brain cancer. Macchiarini claims the synthetic trachea didn't shorten Tuulik's life or the lives of any of his other patients, or cause their deaths. Not just that, Paolo was also entangled in several other controversies. By her looks, we can guess that she must be in her early or mid-50s. She shared that many women have contacted her with similar stories since she opened up about her experience. Here, the Brooklynite tells Jane Ridley how her ex, Italian surgeon Paolo Macchiarini, left behind a trail of deception and death. I called a private investigator the moment he left. After she called Macchiarini, furious about what she'd read, she began to wonder what else he might have lied about. That moment in January was my closure on three years of heartache. What Happened to Frank Lucas wife Jilianna Farrait? Corbascio called the decision "absolutely insane.". I confronted him the weekend of May 22, the last time I would ever see him. Shortly afterwards KI's vice chancellor, Anders Hamsten[sv], who in 2015 had cleared Macchiarini of misconduct, also resigned. She came into the limelight only because of her husband and the controversies related to him. Ascolta la versione audio dell'articolo. Benita traveled to Paolo's Barcelona home with two friends and a video camera. In 2011, Macchiarini immediately ascended into fame after he developed an artificial medical device that had the potential to save thousands of lives, according to The New York Times. Im not a believer in love at first sight. [13][26] He died later the same year. Copyright 2023 Distractify. In September of 2020, Paolo was indicted in Sweden on charges of aggravated assault, as three patients there had died from his trachea surgeries. He gave me really sage, solid, kind advice.". "He and I started going to dinners and I was kind of pouring my heart out. [13][14], After a one-year medico-legal investigation, the Swedish Prosecution Authority announced in October 2017 that Macchiarini had been negligent in four of the five cases investigated due to the use of devices and procedures not supported by evidence, but that a crime could not be proven because the patients might have died under any other treatment given. Macchiarini and Benita quickly started planning an extravagant wedding, she said. I did not think that by pulling that thread, we would completely undo the sweater.". Romantic Paolo Macchiarini gave her flowers Credit: Benita Alexander, IG: @loveconned 'He said he was going to pay for most of the wedding. Bjork said victims received "serious physical injuries and great suffering" as a result of the operations performed on them and that he "made the assessment that the three operations are therefore to be considered as aggravated assault. what cars have electric power steering, chef g garvin recipes,